Pet Bathing Services

At Snooty Pup Grooming, your cat or dog are never actually placed in a bath of water. We utilize a sprayer, so the water runs down the drain & your pet is never standing in their dirty water.

Enjoy a variety of products

You'll find we have many shampoos & conditioners available to provide your pet's fur the care that's needed for its specific thickness & color. Flea & tick treatments are also available!

Keeping your pet comfortable

Every pet is dried by hand in our salon. If your pet prefers a dryer, we have no-heat dryers that produce cool air for drying. After your pet is dried, they'll be placed on a clean towel in a clean location.

Call on Snooty Pup Grooming for precision haircuts, trims, & baths for your furry family members!

Call with any questions about our bathing services!

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